Wednesday 7th April 2021



​£20 per participant

Voice for Early Years Music Group Leaders

  • Would you like to have more understanding about how your voice works?

  • Learn how to maintain healthy and sustainable voice use in speaking and singing?

  • Find ways to be louder without vocal fatigue, indoors and outdoors?

  • Be able to sing in different styles?

  • Find a vocal style and pitch range that will encourage your adult participants to join in with group singing?

  • Find solutions to problems you are experiencing in your voice work?


This is an online workshop to develop the vocal skills of EY music group leaders. We will explore how the voice works, how to maintain good vocal health, how to vary the voice quality for different styles, tips for encouraging participation in group singing and troubleshooting for specific vocal issues in speech and in singing.

This course is suitable for those with little formal singing training, as well those who have studied singing, but would be interested in learning some more about the Estill approach. This course is prepared with EY music group leaders in mind, but would be applicable to group leaders in any EY setting.

This course is offered at an introductory rate of £20 per participant. Spaces will be limited to allow for individual attention.

Holly is a certified Estill Master Trainer (EMT) working in top drama schools and colleges as well as with Musical Theatre professionals. She has been running EY music groups since 2004 and her own business, Tiny Time Music since 2011.   She can offer a unique insight into best practice for voice use in an EY setting.

To reserve your space please email Holly at, bookings are non refundable from 3/4/2021